How Pixar Nearly Lost Toy Story 2 to a Bad Backup

You’ve heard us tell you time and time again that you need multiple backups. Onsite, offsite, cloud based and non-cloud based; however you choose to backup your files just make sure that there is more than one copy of it and at least one of them is off-site (meaning far away from the other backup).

Well, just in case you think that his advice is for naught, and that he tells you these things because some big cloud backup companies pay him the big bucks to say it (trust me, they don’t), here’s a little lesson courtesy of Pixar animation studios that tells the tale of how a bad backup nearly meant the non-existence of Toy Story 2.

In fact, if it wasn’t for an impromptu, unplanned, off-site backup, the movie would either have taken a whole year of work to recover, or it might have never been made at all.

Published by of, May 2013

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