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Ten years ago if I’d have presented this idea to a group of practicing accountants I’d have been run out of the room: “Let’s take your most sensitive client data, including social security numbers, bank account numbers, financial statements, tax returns, etc. and put them on the Internet.” It simply wasn’t going to happen. But over the past several years technology seems to have assuaged all but the most Luddite-like resisters and I commonly get this question: “We need to get our data backed up safely and securely on the Internet so we know it safe and always available for access or file restoration. Do you have any suggestions?”  Answer: “Well, yes, actually I do.”

There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of vendors out there and I’ll list a few for you. But first let me explain the process. In almost all cases after you establish and account for service you place a small client on your computer (or server) and the after a few settings you’re done. That’s it. The system now begins the process of backing up every file that’s in the group that you so indicated in the setup.

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Alexander Vuchnich, CPA, CFE
Published in The Progressive Account, May 2009

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