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Staying Safe with Online Backup and Remote Access Services

As a lawyer, you have an ethical duty to ensure that your clients’ electronic information is not lost, destroyed, or disclosed inadvertently. Some states have ethical opinions specifically addressing electronic information. In other states, the existing rules and opinions applicable to paper documents logically extend to electronic documents.

You do not need an ethics board to tell you that you should protect your clients’ confidential materials from destruction and disclosure. But it is all too easy to become complacent. Focusing on your ethical duties regarding electronic information may motivate you to make some changes to protect your clients, your practice, and your professional status.

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By Wells H. Anderson
Published in American Bar Association GP Solo, December 2008

2 comments on “Staying Safe with Online Backup – ABA
  1. Ajenla says:

    I don’t think in this day and age, $120 for them to ship a hard drive to you *that you don’t get to keep* is a good price it’s exploitative. You only need fast shiippng to you, not back to them, and you can buy your own 2TB hard drive for $120 nowadays

    • bsietz says:

      I have worked with Ontrack data recovery in the past and I know the final recovery content is shipped on a drive of the same size as the source drive, and it is common for them to charge the cost of the drive and some profit. Keep in mind you are paying for the labor and skill for them to recover your data from a damaged hard drive. Once recovered they need to put it on a drive and ship it. $120 for this effort just doesn’t seem out of the ordinary although Ontrack charges more but lets you keep the drive.

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