Become a Reseller

As an independent IT service provider, having the ability to offer your customers a safe reliable HIPAA compliant offsite backup solution can compliment the service you are already offering and help your bottom line.

Consider becoming a reseller of our South Jersey CrashPlan service.

As an independent IT provider, you will either recommend to your customers services such as Mozy or Carbonite. While these are both great service providers, we think we can do better. You have the choice of connecting your customer to some other backup service, or connect your customers to your own backup service and bring additional revenue!

As a reseller, we give you direct access to our server in order to have complete visibility to manage your customers directly. From a single administrative console, you can monitor and control the backups of all of your customers from a single interface and get status and reports to assure your customers that their backups are safe. We delegate your role as an administrator so you can create and manage your own accounts.

Your customers stay your customers; you offer your service and determine the appropriate fee. Your customers stay your customers. We are simply the back-end service provider for you in order to help you succeed! You know your clients and can service their backup needs better than anyone else can, so why send them to another provider when you can service this need yourself?

For additional information, please download our Reseller information sheet for South Jersey CrashPlan [PDF]